Exporting Drum Set XML Issue

I’m using Dorico SE to write a transcription of a drum set part and I want to export it as a MusicXML file. When I export it, though, all the notes in the .xml get repositioned to B4, so the whole part ends up on one line. Is there any way to fix this?

A drum “set” is a kit comprised of multiple, individual instruments, but when I export a drum set part from Dorico and open it in Finale, the note-heads are changed from x-heads to normal heads, but the relative positioning comes through. I should say I have my percussion maps set up virtually the same in each application. Are you sure your “receiving” application disperses its drum notes to the same lines and spaces as what you see in Dorico?
What application are you using to open your xml file?


I have been using Sibelius to open the XML file. I’ve attached pictures of a before and after of the same measure, the first from Dorico and the second from Sibelius. I don’t think the issue is Sibelius though, because I opened the xml file in notepad and saw that all the notes were given the same pitch values (B 4), even though I placed them on different pitches. When I export the Dorico track as a midi, the notes actually are placed at various pitches when imported to Sibelius, albeit with some errors.
Sibelius measure from midi.PNG
Sibelius measure from xml.PNG
Dorico measure.PNG

Dorico 3.1 does not currently do a particularly sophisticated job of exporting unpitched percussion information to MusicXML, I’m afraid. However, improving MusicXML export is a high priority for us and the next version of Dorico will be more developed in this regard, including specific improvements in exporting percussion.

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