Exporting from an external SSD drive doesn't work

Hi. I tried to export the main output, dialogue group and M&E group from an SSD external drive, and the resulting wav files couldn’t be played, and it said there was an error for each exported file…

I then copied the project folder to my main hard drive, I did the main export, which worked perfectly.


I am using Nuendo 12, on a 16inch i9 2.3 GHz 8-core intel core Mac Book Pro

I would spontaneously look for the error on the disk. Cable, connection, hard drive something.
We open projects from network drives, Synology NAS and external drives. Exactly where we import and export from these drives. So far, no problem even with large projects.
All versions since N10 to N13.

The way the disk was formatted could possibly play a role.

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Also double-check the permissions, please. And make sure, the drive is not formatted as ExFAT, please.

Thanks for the reply. So it is definitely something wrong at my end.

It is formatted as ExFAT . I will try something else

I converted my external hard drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and everything is working as expected. Thanks everyone

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