Exporting from MS to GB

Hi I want to transfer a song out of MS to GB. I’ve tried it as a MIDI file but no joy.
Then I want to transfer it back into MS to add vocals.
Any tips?

Hi Grant

If you go into GS and choose Loops then “Browse files from the Files app” you should find that Musicstudio is a files source. Choose it then choose “Audio”. All your tracks should be there as wave files. You should be able to drag them onto your GS project.

You can use the server mode in MS to transfer the files to somewhere else. I used a PC. Preferably putting them somewhere your iphone or ipad’s Files app can find them. I used the Readdle Documents app to transfer them from a file server to one of the ipads file destinations. Again use Loops and Browse files on the Files app, drag files onto your project.

To get the files back you need to copy the whole GS project to somewhere else like a PC. The project is a folder. When you are in the Files app you can select and move the files - to Onedrive I think. I’ve opened mine on the PC. This time the wave files are in a sub-folder called “Media”. I’m still working on getting these into MS.


Opening a GS project as a folder.

The only way I’ve been able to do this is to move the folder to the Readdle Documents app.

If you have that app then in the ipad/iphone Files App open up “On my Ipad” Then open the “GarageBand for IOS” folder.

All your projects should be there. Duplicate the one you want to extract the wave files that you want to move to MS from. Then select the duplicate project. Then choose “Move”. Move it to the Documents by Readdle folder.

In the Documents app choose “My Files” then “itunes files”. Your GS project should be there. Now it shows the .band suffix. Rename the file so it does not have .band at the end. This is causing the ipad to treat it is a GS project not a folder. Once you have done that you can open the GS project as a folder and see all the files.

Select them and move them to another folder that is not part of the GS project folder. E.g. Just the Myfiles folder. There is still some GS/ipad thing going on the stops other apps looking in this folder but the Documents apps lets you move the wave files out.

To add the track(s) to MS. Go to your MS project and open the Tracks view. Choose +Audio. From the next screen choose the Folder Icon and look for your wave files. Select the one you want to add to MS.

That should be it.

You can actually convert the MIDI file into a ringtone that you can use as your personal tone in your phone. Or, you can convert the MIDI files into music files that you can play as an MP3 in your computer.