Exporting full project

Hi,i have just finished a project.I have tried to export using File/export,audio mixdown
when i click on export, i get the error message "cubase 6 has stopped working.a problem caused the program to stop working correctly.windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

i have tried 32 bit and 16 bit. real time checked,and then tried with realtime unchecked. same problem.
Any clues?

System specs? :confused:

im using windows 7 64bit AMDPhenom II X6 1090T 3.20GHz 8GB Ram Focusrite Saffire 6usb interface.

Do you have the whole file selected? It may be trying to export nothing. I’m not sure what happens in cubase if you try to export/audio mixdown if you don’t’ have anything selected

What if you use Free Routing to record it realtime to a new audio track?

Do you have your left and right locators set to the beginning and end of your project?

thanks for replies. yeas left and right locaters are at start and end.
i dont understand the free routing reply.
How do i do that?

Route all the tracks to a group or a “not connected” output and select that as the input of an audio track. Put the track in record and hit record.

hi,only gettin back to you now about this,as i was waiting on a new audio interface.
B4 i do this,is there a wy of sending all tracks to the 1 group,without having to go into each track and route individually?

was jus a bout to start this,and realise i already am routing some tracks to a group channel,so its not possible to do your suggestion is it?

anyone else got any solutions for this disaster i have came across?

If your looking for a 2 track version of your mix i would do what mashedmitten suggests. Route everything to record to one stereo track back into cubase. This is how i do most of my bounces anyway. Pretty sure you can route a group output to another group output allowing you to route everything to a single output.

Shift select the groups already routed to (not the tracks going to the groups) and the rest of the tracks in the Mixer with the extended routing view and hold Alt while assigning one of the track’s outputs. I use a not connected output I set up for this purpose and not a group.

i got it sorted.i disabled some vst effects one by one and tried exporting.finally exported .
thanks for help anyway