Exporting Group Channel stems simultaneously rather than individually

Hi there,

I’m looking for some guidance on best practice for stem printing in Cubase 12. At the moment, we have 34 stems set up for final audio delivery.

The pathway is something like this:

  1. Audio Output Track (from several VEPRO 7 rack instruments) ----> OUTPUT to a GROUP channel stem
    Same Audio Output Track ----> SEND to an FX channel for individual reverb ----> OUTPUT to the same GROUP channel stem.

  2. GROUP channel stem ----> OUTPUT to an “All Music” GROUP channel

  3. “All Music” GROUP channel ----> MASTER 7.1.4 OUT

When I select the GROUP channel stems for Export in the Audio Mixdown dialog, and select “+Groups / Sends (CSP)” in the Effects dropdown list, then add these GROUP channels to the Export Queue, each stem processes for export consecutively (ie. one at a time) rather than simultaneously (ie. all together)

On a 5 minue cue, this makes the stem export time close to an hour, which is insanely long.

Is there something fundamentally wrong in this setup, something I have missed, or is this the way Cubase works?

P.S - I note that the GROUP channels export simultaneously when “Inserts and Strip” is selected in the Effects dropdown, but obviously this doesn’t process any of the FX sends.