Exporting hidden tracks

I’m setting up some channel combinations that many of the effects tracks are hidden.

I’d like to know if there is a way to export and import the track combos that will include my preferences for hidden/unhidden for the given combination so that whejn I recall these combos the tracks will import as hidden tracks…

Hi @Aldersyhde

I think the following should be possible:

  • a Project Logical Editor script pre-/appends e.g. [hidden] to the name of every hidden track.
  • export
  • after import, run a Project Logical Editor script that automatically hides all marked tracks and removes the appended marking again

Would that work for your needs?

Thanks for the solution. I appreciate your getting back to me.

What I did instead was just program a keyboard shortcut for “hide selected tracks”. It’s not perfect but the logical editor makes my head swim.