Exporting/importing drum kits

Greetings! First and formost, major cudos for taking the first steps to provide a Pro level music app for the Ipad. Some of your competitors are missing the boat on this.

So, to cut to the chase, in attempting to export a custom drum kit to a usable (aka able to find it to import )location , the window that opens up to name the file and choose location to send it to, appears to be looking for a Mos (computer ) rather than an IPadOs location.
When I try to import the file, the file I thought I copied to Ipad is nowhere to be found.

does this description give you any idea of what I’m needing?

Thanks for reporting this, @Thomuz58. That Export Kit button should not appear in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog at the moment, until we can provide a proper mechanism to handle this kind of file-based operation (which we hope to address when we add iCloud support, hopefully in the relatively near future).

Ahh, this makes sense. it appears that alot of the functionality of Dorico Pro was brought over to the Ipad version and some of the bells and whistles haven’t been sorted out yet. The help documentation reflects this as well. occasionally it feels that the information was “cut and pasted” from MOS (In my case) version and some of the functionality doesnt apply to ipad version. My assumption is that there isnt a lot of similarity between the workings of MOS and IPASOS?

by the way, Daniel, this is Thomas Williams. I’ve been working on converting my font to smufl and you and I have exchanged emails from time to time with this. Any way, just wanted to
say hi

Nice to see you here, Thomas!

Yes, the Dorico for iPad Operation Manual is indeed created from the same sources as the macOS/Windows documentation, and it’s certainly possible for Lillie to have missed some details just as we have in the development of the app itself. But we will continue to refine both the app and the documentation as we go. These kinds of reports are helpful to us as they alert us to things we may otherwise have overlooked.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the greetings and responses. I am very optimistic that Dorico for Ipad will continue to develop into a fully functional and powerful tool for composers at all levels and that most if not all features and functions of the “computer” version will eventually be included. I hope to be more involved with Dorico forums so that I can tap into the vast amount of experience available as I master the program and also offer my 20 plus years of experience in computer notation to help others in the forum.

Thanks, again, for your attention and commitment.