Exporting / importing set of custom paper sizes

We created a set of custom page sizes, using the new feature that became available last year in Dorico. As a result, we have now in the drop-down menu for Page Size in Layout Options something like this:

So, you see we have a Display Conductor, and Display 1 through Display 6.
Does anybody know, or have suggestions, how to save/export these special page sizes in a template file, so that they can easily be imported into an existing project?
Apparently, Page Template Sets do not register the page format (or: we didn’t find how to attach a specific page size to a specific Page Template).

If you Export the Library, and then drop that .doricolib file onto the Library Manager of another computer, you should be able to import the sizes.


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Thanks Ben, it worked!
Stupid me for not seeing that before … :slight_smile: I had been looking in the Layout Options > Page Setup, and not in the Collections.

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What about adding the .doricolib in the Default Library Additions folder?

Well, it will have the entire settings of the computer, which may conflict or duplicate.

A purpose-built .doricolib file could be built.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll incorporate it together with the company templates in one .doricolib.

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