Exporting Midi Loops

Why can Midi Loops only be exported on Instrument tracks and not on Midi tracks?

I create midi loops to control Dark Links and MCV4’s. Now I first have to drag them to an Instrument track before exporting.

Cubase MIDI Loops have 2 components MIDI data and a VSTi assigned to play that MIDI data. An Instrument Track is used to provide the sound generation for a MIDI Loop.

If you don’t want to bind together the MIDI data and the playback of that MIDI then save it as a regular MIDI file (*.mid). You can still loop & chop up and otherwise use the data like in a MIDI Loop, minus the assigned sound generation.

The only option I can find to save MIDI Data is in the File menu under export. In that case all the MIDI data from all the tracks are saved. Not a specific part. I want to save one part and open that part in another project. Example in the attachment. Or am I missing something?

If it is just a one-off for that specific MIDI Part the easiest thing thing is to drag the Part from Cubase and onto your desktop. That will create a name.mid file which you can drag into a different Project.

I find it easier to drag from Cubase to Windows than using Cubase’s Export function. But I’m sure that varies with workflow.

Another approach is that in the newer Project you can import entire Tracks from the older Project. So if you have a bunch of MIDI Parts you want to move from one Project to the other this could be easier than moving each Part one-by-one.

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One more alternative if you an older version of Cubase still installed (e.g. 9.5) you can open different Projects in each version of Cubase and just drag between Projects.

Thanks for your replies Raino.

I think I’ll stick with my original approach that is dragging the part to an Instrument track and then save it as a Midi-Loop. That way it’s available in Media-Bay and for any future project.