Exporting mixes choosing random folders to bounce to

This has been driving me slightly crazy for a while, actually years, and since version 7. And it’s started again recently

I work on lots of different mixes during the course of a day, constant revisions, sending mp3’s etc etc… I don’t know why, but Cubase no longer remember where I want my mixes to bounce to for each project, it picks random folders I havent used for ages and dumps in there, and this can change between projects. It’s quite annoying when I’m busy and need to do stuff quick.

I find myself bouncing a mix, closing the session, then have to re open it to check to see where it’s bounced to as it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

Yes I should probably check each time, but it wasnt behaving like this a month a go, and this behaviour seems to start some months after a new release of Cubase.

Anyone have any ideas how it can be rectified?


As far as I know, the Mixdown folder is not stored in the project. If I’m right, this is a global Cubase settings.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.

It’s really odd, as depending on which project I’m working on, Cubase will choose 1 of about 3 different folders that I havent used since before I reinstalled Windows the last time (over 6 months a go), so I’ve no idea how or why it’s doing it.

I’m guessing trashing preferences will probably work, but I don’t really want to go that route yet as I’m busy. Wondering if there’s an XML file that could be edited to to stop this happening, or perhaps it’s in the registry. When I find some time I’ll investigate those options.

Not seen a post about this before, so maybe it’s just me with the problem!


Unfortunately I don’t know in which preferences file exactly is this information stored. And there is the risk, it would be one of the “big one”, like Defaults.xml anyway.