Exporting mp3 file

I have being recording some drum tracks to send to a friend. (Cubase6 6.0.2)
She wanted a stereo mix on mp3.
When I exported to an mp3, a wav file was put in the pool and project window, but no sign of an mp3 file.
I resorted to converting the wav file to mp3 via i tunes.
I have since discovered that the mp3 file was in a ‘temp’ folder.
Is that normal? How do I get the mp3 file at least into my project folder?
I smell user error here but when I choose to export mp3 format I can find no way to direct the file to a specific folder.

I’m 99% sure that the output location is one of the options on the export dialog.
If not it’s got to be a preference somewhere, mine are put on the desktop and yours aren’t, so someone must’ve changed it somehow :wink:

The directory path is set at the top of the export dialogue