Exporting Multi-tracks as one audio file that can be imported as Multi-tracks?

I have worked with online ads audio mixing and also scoring, which is mostly in stereo format, but from time to time I got these clients who wants me to mix for TVC.

Most of the time they require multi-tracks that match their TV channels’ specification for example Dialogue on 1, 2 and Music and sound effect on 3, 4. Then I wonder, can Cubase 10 pro export multi-tracks according to the requirement above as one file?

I have seen Mov. file exported from Adobe Premiere from an editor I worked with that had that exact audio configuration, which once imported into Cubase it extracted into 4 stereo tracks inside the Cubase project. Which then it made me think that at least the reverse should be possible, right?

And I’m not talking about AAF/OMF export, but something more akin to 5.1 exporting. Anyway, I’d like to ask you guys for the actual way of doing so on Cubase, if there is one.

Add 4-channel bus (like LRCS or Quadro) in VST Connections > Outputs. Route every single track to the one LRCS/Quadro channel.

Export Audio Mixdown, and select Quadro/LRCS Out in the Channel Selection.

I think that should work