Exporting multiple audio stems simultaneously

Hey folks, a (hopefully) dumb question. I’m working on a film at the moment, and exporting multiple stems from Cubase 12. I’ve got each individual stem as instrument and audio tracks submixed into groups, each group has it’s own FX tracks so there’s no cross-pollination. The groups and FX channels are then sent to stem groups, and finally out the stereo out.

I’ve got the export settings as Groups and Sends, there’s nothing on the master bus, and Realtime Export is unchecked. The problem is that the stems are exporting one at a time, if I have 10 stems that are two minutes long, for example, it’ll do them one after another, and take 20 minutes. This is eating up a lot of time, obviously.

Am I remembering correctly that it used to export them simultaneously? My brain’s a little foggy at the moment. If so, I must be doing something wrong, it’s the same basic template that I’ve been using for a couple of years.

Any suggestions?