Exporting multiple formats


Does anybody know if is possible to EXPORT multiple formats at once?
I.e.: I finish with working on one file. Then I’d like to export to: WAVE 24bit (without dithering), WAVE 16bit (with dither plug-in inserted) and MP3 320kbps.

When export to all formats all plugins inserted in master section should be used when rendering, except dithering plug-in which one should be used only when exporting to WAVE 16bit.

Tnx for help!
Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 19.57.19.png

Yes and no: you can export to multiple file formats in the same time, but all with the same Master Section settings (eg. dither or not).


Yes, this is why I end up with a few variations of a montage. After the project is approved and ready to be done, then I do a Save As… of the approved montage with the various changes need such as 16-bit, 24-bit, no dither for mp3 encoding. Then I can render the multiple master formats and have all the changes saved for reference instead of using 1 montage and changing the dither settings without record of what happened.

It’s not so bad for me because I only use the montage output FX and clip FX which are saved with the montage, whereas the global master section must be saved and loaded separately.

Question…when you render the 3 versions of your montage with different needs, do you have the rendered files replace the existing in the specific montage, while also bypassing all the processing used? Like when using the Master Section, you have the choice of bringing the rendered files back in and automatically bypassing the Master Section. Does this work when using the Montage Output? Or do you not even bother bringing the rendered files back in the individual Montages? You just render and leave the Montages along as is, save and quit once you’re done making your new files?

Just curious, Thanks!

I don’t bring the files back in. The files I render are the final master files for production and distribution so there is no need to bring them back into the montage. I do open them as independent WAV files to do some quality control listening but never replace them in the montage they were rendered from.