Exporting multiple tracks to one audio file

Nov. 9 I’m trying to use the Export Audio Mixdown function and the Render Track dialogue to create a single wave file of the song. I keep getting separate files of each channel but no single file with the complete mix. I’ve included screen shots of the dialogues. Where have I gone wrong?

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If you want to mixdown all channels to one WAV file, use the Single Channel Selection option and select the Stereo Out from the list, please.

As Martin said, use “Single” tab. Here’s my settings, for reference.

Thank you. That worked but I had to set all the channels to Solo in the mix console. There was no reference to that, Can you tell me, what is the purpose of having the “Stereo Out (R)” channel appear in the mix console after rendering the mix?


Or set none track Solo nor Mute. The result will be the same.

Okay. Thanks for your help. Do you know what the extra channel is for?

Export Audio Mixdown and Render Tracks are two different things. They are not used together.
If your goal is to create a single wave file to be used out of Cubase (for example for listening or sending for mastering just use Export Mixdown and select single and finish the export in that window. That has nothing to do with Render Tracks window. So you do not need to use it. That is used for creating new tracks to be used back in Cubase`for example if you want to render the inserts of an audio track or convert a midi region to an audio track. I believe that is what you do hence you get a new channel in the mixer.

Thank you. That clears things up a lot. I have a weird problem with that. The dialogue fills up my screen and I can’t get to the bottom of it to hit the Start Queue Export button. Do you know what I can do about that?

I am not in front of Cubase so can not check that but never had an issue like that. Maybe using a too low monitor resolution which does not fit the export window to your screen? Could you send a screen shot?
Also if you only want to export a single wave file you do not need to use the export queue window. You can close it by the arrow next to it.

Edit: Just found this that might be helpful to clear things up.


Your screen resolution doesn’t meet the system requirements.

As @Martin.Jirsak said, it’s a problem when on a 1366x768 laptop. (minimum requirement is 1400x900)

One thing you can do is assign a key command to Audio Export>Perform audio export. All it does is press the mixdown button.


Actually on Windows side, if you are using the minimum 1400x900, you have to make sure, the Task bar (Start bar or how is it called) is hidden. Because the Export Audio Mixdown has the height of 900 pixels, so the button would hide behind the Task bar in this case.

Yes. I’m using a laptop and even with the taskbar hidden I can’t access the button. I didn’t even know there was one until I saw the screen shot. I might try hooking up a larger monitor when I use the Export. In the meantime, using the Render function with all the tracks set to solo is as work around that produces a wave file of the mix. I just have to delete the extra track. If there’s any other solution you can think of please let me know. Thanks for your help.

Use the key command I posted earlier, it’s much easier than hooking up a screen for export or playing window-twister!

Yes. Thank you. I was looking in help for a key command but you’ve reminded me that I can assign my own. That should solve the problem. Thanks.