Exporting music parts for use in Adobe Indesign

I wish to export elements (pieces of music) I have created in Doric Pro 3 (often just two or four bar segments) to use in Adobe Indesign as I am creating a tutorial series. Firstly, how do I select just the element I wish to export, and secondly, what is the best way to export the element to retain the high quality graphic image for high resolution printing? Many thanks. Nick

There’s no good way of doing this. The quickest way is to take screenshots, but these result in unscalable bitmap images. There are good export options in Print mode, but you’re limited to exporting single pages of music, rather than specific elements on a page. It’s pretty quick to export PDFs of individual pages and then crop elsewhere, though.

Okay. Thanks for your help. I can live with that for now although more extensive export options would definitely be on my list of things to include in a future update.

Indeed it’s already on the todo list, though evidently it’s been there for a good couple of years:

Export as a PDF, and then crop in Illustrator (which presumably you have). Other vector artwork editors like Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Graphic, etc will also work.

Or just crop the image frame in InDesign to show the area you want.

Alternatively, you may be able to create Tutorial entirely in Dorico, using Text and Music Frames.