Exporting Music Project in Cubase Elements 6

I have Cubase 4 le on my pc for 3 years now all is good. I recently downloaded Cubase Elements 6 trial(30 days) and all was still good. I could do everything I expected to do with the software including exporting my music project. The trial period ran out and I purchase the activation code from Steinberg and input the code and I was up and running again. Everything seemed to be ok until I finished a project and tried to export it and I got a message stating that I can not export because I’m past the time period or something to that effect. I’m at a loss, I thought I did everything correctly. What am I missing. PLEASE HELP???

You tried to export to mp3 format, didn´t you?
If so, all Cubase versions apart from Cubase (full) have time limited mp3 encoders, which license has to be bought separately, if you want to use them after the time limited demo.

Hello DJ-YNot,
Please send a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center to the tech support for them to see what’s wrong there! :slight_smile:


The Cubase Elements 6 license is fine. The error message is so far I can see here regarding the ended trial of the MP3 encoder.

You could buy the license for it in our online shop, or you export your songs as wave files and use a free 3th party program to convert them into MP3’s.



Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll export wav for now and purchase the MP3 encoder later. One thing I don’t understand is when I puchased a Lexicon Lambda interface it came with Cubase 4 le and I never had to puchase a separate MP3 encoder. I’ve been exporting from Cubase 4 le for 3 years now.

Import the mix into LE4 and convert to MP3 :bulb:

Cool Thanks!