Exporting Nuendo Project to Protools

Hey Everyone,

After trying to find an answer and read all posts about that I am still a little confused. I would like to export a Nuendo 5 project to PT as the engineer uses it. Is there a way now that works flawlessly or we still need to verify if everything is there and at the right place. I am not even talking about virtual instruments.

Let me know if you have found the solution. Thanks so much.


Well, what are you trying to bring over? Obviously not VSTi’s.

Have you tried OMF or AAF exports / imports?

We use AAF - not everything translates correctly but the basics mostly do - edits, most handles, levels with a few exceptions (max fader). We make sure to get rid of or consolidate things we think are problematic.
Do you have a copy of PT? Essential. And cheap now. Avid releasing PT9 to run on any hardware (sort of) was the best thing they could do for their hegemony - everyone I know in audio owns a copy whether it’s their primary platform or not.

I find that AAF transfer is a lot better with PT10 now between N5 and PT.
The new features in PT10, event volume (clip gain) and realtime fades and interleaved file support makes most of the old pitfalls go away.

No, if you also manage to stay away from illegal characters in the file/track names, AAF looks quite good.


There is also the superb AA Translator, which will allow you to translate directly to PTF or PT5 formats for direct import into a PT rig.
Full details at http://www.aatranslator.com.au/

I cannot recommend this app enough, and their support is amazing.

We just installed AATranslator and it saved our ass BIG TIME:

We were trying to export PT sessions out of PT LE 7.x - stepped over the fact that we would need additional 500 bucks Digitranslator for that -I want/need to keep events because I need to fix and improve editing - no way exept consolidate at zero and manually import the waves!! No!!

AATranslator just did it with one click - gave us XML files directly from the PT session files, containing volume, pan and all edits/events!!!

Far better than AAF/OMF would have ever worked, absolutely no issues!

I am sure that it will work from N to PT with similar glance.

There’s a major update coming soon, according to the website.
It will (AA Translator) soon be capable of importing an AAF archive as well. Initially supported DAW’s here will be PT 7-9, Nuendo, Logic, Vegas & something called STP (Samplitude?).
Apparently they have found out what we already knew - for an “open format”, AAF sure does have some variations!!

The most interesting question remains when Nuendo AAF will finally work again. (and why they broke it in 5.5)


Sorry for beeing OT - but what exactly is broken regarding AAF? I recently imported AAF, it worked - but for example track order was completely messed up. Because I exported from Logic I was not sure “whos fault” it was… Would it be a better idea to import in 5.1 instead of 5.5?

Fortunately AATranslate generated XML files which worked FAR superior compared to the AAF or OMF thing.

You should never try to import AAF using 5.5.

It’s just completely broken, you will end up with missing files and even tracks, empty file “containers” - it’s a nightmare.

That explains a lot - cause I never had to do it before (at least in the last 5 years) - and yes indeed, I was not THAT happy with it, because of a lot of smaller issues which I thought was a logic-nuendo-aaf-limitation thing. We bounced a lot of stuff to avoid issues with messed up edits/events.

To bad that I did not try 5.1 for the import, it was just after 5.5 came out and I was happy to finally have the features.

The problem with AAF is that it is something which gets screwed with by all sorts of people - just ask support at AA Translator about how companies screw with things that are supposed to be open standards.

If translation is what you need to be capable of doing, you need a copy of AA Translator. Problems all solved.

In this case the thing is that it was screwed by Steinberg themselves, it worked in 5.1 and got screwed for 5.5. :confused: