exporting problem plugin cuts off

Hey Guys

I am running into a little bit of a problem with exporting the mixdown of a song I have been working on.
Cubase exports the Audio tracks just fine, but the tracks I made with some of my plugins just cut of after a couple seconds in the mixdown.
I use Cubase LE 7 with windows 10. The plugins I use are Realguitar and Realeight.
It allso varies how long it takes for the pluging track to cut off.
Sometimes a couple of seconds make it on the mixdown and sometimes only the first hit.
if anybody has an Idea of what I can do to fix this.

please help :blush:

Hi and welcome,

Make sure, you are not using any plug-in with a DEMO/Trial license, please.

Sry for eng.
Samples and virtual instruments (especially on external hard drives) are often downloaded to RAM but if you have not enough GB, it removes some of these samples from RAM. When you want to export your music without crashes and “Sample Cuts”, Cubase must download all samples directly from Hard Drive during rendering, NOT FROM RAM, because there can be lack of some sounds.

In Export window uncheck box named “Realtime Export”. I also set buffer to max but I don’t know if it has an effect.

I hope it will help someone. I struggled with this ****** all night.