Exporting problem

Hi everyone,

I just finished my first project in Cubase 8 and wanted to hear it on my larger sound system. To digress, a while back, I recorded a similar project in Cubase AI5, set my project markers, exported my audio tracks at 44.1 and 16-bit. The resultant wave file played from a thumb drive plugged into my DVD player,which was connected to my sound system. Fine.

My finished Cubase 8 project is ready for export. I did the exact same procedure, and yet my DVD player says the file is “Unplayable or corrupt.” What gives? I included a screen shot of my Export dialog box just prior to clicking Export. I’m sure it’s pilot error and not the Cubase program. The only difference in the two wave files is the size. The one that plays is 20.5 KB and the Cubase 8 one that doesn’t play is 33.8 KB. The project from the Cubase 8 program also contains all the MIDI tracks, but they are muted. Many thanks.

  • Lee

Forgot to mention–the exported wave file plays on my PC but not on my DVD player (Sony, about 4 years old.)

Are you sure your DVD player supports .wav files? Have you tried with an mp3-file?

EDIT: I’m assuming you’re using the thumb drive - not burning a cd.

The first thing I’d do would be to double check that you exported as 16-bit and not 24. The file size difference is close to suggesting that’s what happened.

Hi Krisp,

Yes. As mentioned, the file from Cubase AI is a wave file and plays perfectly. The only difference in the two dialog boxes is AI5 offers the Interleaved option, whatever that is :slight_smile:.

I thought of that too, dmbaer. I believe the screen shot shows 16-bit.

I should mention, the two songs are radically different in length. The file sizes are proportional to the song lengths.

I will move the project locators to about 1/4 of the song length and try exporting the much smaller file size. Perhaps the Sony DVD player can’t process large files from a USB source. Hard to believe because it would have no issues with the same files from a CD??

You have the option “L/R channels” checked. Try unchecking and exporting again.

Good idea, Flexion. I tried it but it didn’t work :frowning:. I even tried exporting a much smaller sample by moving my locators to about 1/4 of the song.

This is very strange. I even thought of reformatting my USB stick, but the other wave file exported from AI5 plays perfectly. What has Steinberg done to the wave file format that renders it different from AI5?? I’m starting to think this IS a Steinberg glitch. I really don’t want to go through the hoops and rings of burning a sleeve of CDs just to listen to my final work!

More ideas welcome. Thanks.

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I looked for the Export to MP3 option, but it doesn’t exist. I noted that the Manual says I have a 30 day trial of their encoder, and then I must buy it. What kind of nonsense is that? First, it doesn’t show up on the menu, then I must pay for it when there are dozens of free third party encoders out there, and now their manual is out of date. To add insult to injury, their wave file STILL doesn’t work. I even tried un-checking the Don’t Use Wave Extensible Format option.

Any other ideas, guys? Thanks.

  • Lee

Could it possibly have something to do with the file name? I see some spaces…
Unlimited .mp3 export, like many other features, is not included in Artist.

I’ll try your naming idea, Jaslan. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Steinberg needs to update their manual. From their manual:

MP3 Export (Cubase Artist only)
This version of Cubase Artist provides a function for exporting your audio mixdown as MP3 files. This function is limited to 20 trial encodings or a trial period of 30 days from the installation date (whichever ends first). After this period, the function will be disabled until you purchase the MP3 encoder for Cubase Artist.
•When the MP3 format is selected and you click the Export button, a window opens showing you how many trial encodings you have left. You can upgrade to an unlimited MP3 export function by clicking the “Go to Online Shop” button in the dialog.
This will take you to Steinberg’s online shop where you can purchase the upgrade. Note that a working internet connection is required.

Nope, a single word naming scheme didn’t work. Besides, the song exported from AI5 has three separate words in the title and plays fine. I’m wondering if the audio codecs are different in Cubase 8 versus AI5?? As mentioned earlier, Steinberg has done something with the Wave file format–or at least that’s all I can think of. This is a major stumbling block to my project, and like all other computer glitches–it completely destroys creativity. Does Steinberg monitor this site? I know Yamaha monitors the Motifator site.

My Sony DVD manual says it supports the LCPM Wave format. This is an uncompressed, high-quality wave file format. Is Cubase 8 exporting some different wave file format? It would seem that AI5 exports correctly. Don’t tell me I must re-install AI5 so I can import Cubase 8 files to AI5 (a toy program in comparison) for exporting–that actually work???

Things just keep getting worse! I tried exporting as a different file format, and Cubase froze. I had to use the Task Manager to shut the program down. Now, Cubase 8 won’t even open. This happened once before with Cubase 8, and I ended up turning my computer off and then on again.

Any ideas most welcome. Thanks.

I just noticed that my project Preferences were set to 24-bit resolution. When I export, I use 16-bit. Does that make a difference?

No. The exported audio bit depth, that you choose when you bounce, is unrelated to your project bit depth.

Okay, thanks Hedshaker. At this point, I’m ready to steal your moniker!!!

How about, “Hedshaker2”? Or, is that too close to home :slight_smile:?

A possible solution, guys.

I downloaded Freemake Audio Converter. It converts wave to MP3 and other format conversions. I then exported my song as usual from Cubase 8. The exported file size was 33,796 KB. I imported this file into Freemake Audio Converter and had the program convert it to a wave file–as strange as that may seem (a wave file converted to a wave file!). The resultant file was 33,800–slightly bigger. It plays on my Sony DVD player!! Therefore, whatever Cubase is exporting is not complete, or there is something wrong. Perhaps Steinberg needs to be told about this??

HI. Some time a go a friend had the same problem but with Cubase Artist 7. As i had the full version of Cubase 7 i’ve loaded his song, did the export and all was good. As we come to know, the problem was a glitch in the installation of his CA7. So we did a fresh new install and from then on all went well. So try that, uninstall your CA8, do a fresh install (don’t do a reinstall as it can be messy and not solve your problem), clean your registry, update all drivers in your computer, and try again. I know that this tech things can be " a pain in the ass", but it’s how things are nowadays. All the best