Hi all, I have during the export process sometimes hangs cubase 8 what could be the reason? :confused:
Cubase 8 EXPORT.jpg

And if you do banch export it popping up here is…
Cubase 8 EXPORT problems.jpg

Are you setting the left and right locators?

What is the song length set to under Project Setup? Default is 10 min I think.

I had the same thing happen the other day. I had to stop Cubase using the Task Manager. I was surprised to find that the exported audio file was fine. So it seems to have hung after finishing the actual export.

Hi, I can’t do the export fails with error microsoft visual c++
CUBASE 8 Ошибка.jpg
CUBASE 8 Ошибка 2.jpg

Same thing, hangs in task Manager even when you are simply exporting periodically

Update the computer, might be a .NET thingy that needs updating.

You mean the updates pack net framework 4.0?