Exporting Project back into Cubasis

I’ve worked out how to iTunes file share a project from the iPad to my mac. Brilliant. Now, I want to import it back into cubasis, and I can’t figure out how to do it.

Is there a way to do this??

It’s frustrating, as you don’t get the same level of detail in cubasis as you do in the desktop daw.

I am currently using my iPad to play backing tracks (and send midi to my synths) in a band. Not being able to set tempo markers or import from mac to iPad is a real pain in the ass…

Also, why does it take all day top undo an event?!

There’s no Cubase importer for Cubasis, just the other way around.
At the moment it’s one-way only.


The only way to import Cubase projects into Cubasis is to create an midi file in cubase.
It’s possible to import midi files in Cubasis.

best jan

Thank you very much hiltmann. Could you write a step by step please?
It’s not the ideal situation as I work with both midi and audio, but if I could import just the midi, it’d make life a lot easier.

Hi ,

  1. Export Cubase Project as Midi File
  2. import midi file via itunes > select Cubasis > select midi folder on the right side
  3. hit the “Add…” Button


Thank you Jan! Very helpful!