Exporting raw audio and MIDI events into separate files?

Hi all,

I’d like to ask your opinion on something that came up lately:

I recorded a band, and after we wrapped up, they asked if they could have the raw audio takes of the songs for possible remixes and/or sessions later.
What’s the best way to go about exporting all the good final takes?
Here’s what I have: A project with several songs one after the other, in several audio tracks and one MIDI drum track. Each song starting position is marked with a marker, and all events for each track/song start exactly on the marker position, so they are all aligned, but sometimes have different lengths.

Id like to export/save all events belonging to a given song and save them as raw recordings with no processing. What about the MIDI drum track?
What would be the best workflow for that?

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best, Benji


File > Export > Audio Mixdown.

In the window enable Export Multiple Channels and select the Channels you want to export. Then select the Between Cycle Markers in the Export area and select the Cycle markers, you want to export.

Audio is done.

Then File > Export > MIDI File.

Hey Martin,

Thx! I’ve actually looked at that function myself, but wouldn’t that export the events with effects and channel settings and all applied?



Yes, it would.

You can Bypass all Inserts by clicking to the Bypass Inserts button. All at once. The same Bypass EQs, Bypass Channel Strips and Bypass Sends. Just 4 clicks. :wink: And then Export.

Got it, makes sense!


What about Render in Place? I can even assign a save destination with that function, but it makes the resulting audio available in the project, I which don’t want…
But I’ll try exporting first…



I wouldn’t go for Render in Place. First you get the tracks back to Cubase. Second, you would need to do this track by track. And third you don’t have much options how to setup the exported file. For example if you want to resample or change the both depth, or setup the count of channels. All of these are pre-setupwhile Render in Place.


Thanks again, makes total sense!

All the best,


I did the export today, and just to let you know, it worked a charm! Thx again!



Thank you for the info. I’m glad it works to you.