Exporting Score

I’m trying to export a score to finale and I don’t seem to have a tab under File: Export: The only options are MIDI FILE, MIDI LOOP, AUDIO MIXDOWN, and NOTEPAD DATA. The online tutorial has the several tabs that seem to missing on my CUBASE LE 9, including MUSIC XML. Are these only available on the full version or am I doing something wrong? Also when I print it leaves the last page off and I don’t find any controls for print setup other than the general paper size, etc. A print preview would be nice…Thanks, I’m obviously a noob but I’ve looked extensively through the manual and haven’t found the answer.

That’s correct.

Page View essentially is a print preview.

Ok, here is a dumb question. How do I get into “Page View”?

Scores/Page View

My only tabs under “Score” are “Open Score Editor” “Staff Settings” “Set Font” and “Flip Stems”. Am I looking in the right spot?

Like you asked and I answered, Cubase LE doesn’t have those features.

Wow, LE doesn’t even have Page Mode. If it’s that lean then scoring barely exists in it.

To the OP, if you intend to use the scoring capabilities more than almost never then you really need to upgrade.