Exporting Selected Tracks

I think someone might have already asked this but I can’t find anything. I’m using VEPro 6 in my setup so I have several instrument tracks, rack instruments with multiple outputs and their corresponding MIDI tracks, and audio tracks. I want to export individual tracks but because my template is about 260 tracks I want to just select the tracks I’m actually using and simply export those.

In the Export Mixdown dialog box I get the option to check the tracks I want. The problem with this is it separates all tracks into groups: Output Channels, Group Channels, FX, Instrument Tracks, VST Instrument Channels, Audio Channels. This makes it really hard for me to find the tracks I want to export because they do not display in the order I have them in my project. They are separated in groups.

Anyone have a good workflow for this? Thanks!

Another thing I forgot to mention is that if I add a naming scheme that includes track number, it won’t number them according to how I have them arranged in my project. It will number them according to their position in the group. This makes no sense. Why would I choose to add automatic numbering if it won’t number it how I want? When I send stems to someone else why would they care what type of track it is in Cubase? (Instrument track, VST Instrument, Audio Track)