Exporting separate midi parts Dorico 3.5

I see there is an old thread about this - but has it changed?

Is there yet a way of exporting all the parts from a score as separate midi files - separate for different instruments?
I’m only getting a sigle midi file with all parts playing together - same midi channel…

So far I’m trying to bodge my midi parts in Cubase so they play correctly, but it’s going to take hours.

They shouldn’t be on the same MIDI channel, unless they are on the same channel in Play mode, which is not something that happens by default.

Type 0 MIDI and Type 1 MIDI export their information in different configurations. Make sure you are not using the wrong one, which will export all the info on one channel.

When I export MIDI from Dorico (in Windows) it chooses the correct, multi-track format. I do not see any place to switch the MIDI Type to the “wrong” (single-track) version.

I don’t seem to have any options - the screenshot is all I get between “Exoprt midi” and hitting OK.

I can select which flows I wanty to export, but there are no options for which instrumnets or midi channels or which midi type.

I’m clearly missing something…

What instruments do you use in your file? Are they assigned (as Ben asked above) to different MIDI channels?

I think I’ve figured out what happens.

A grand staff with four voices on it (SATB) was the issue.
As mentioned by some of you here - I see that with genuinely separate parts it does indeed export out a midi file with different channels.

What I did with the others was to duplicate the flow for the four parts, and then isolate one part per Flow - this way I got 4 separate midi regions out which I could subsequesntly stitch back together.

Thanks all for your help.