Exporting Stereo Group with Quad panner and output - Bug

Hi All , Can anyone confirm this happens on there system , Steinberg say they can’t reproduce this
here is a video - Cubase Stereo to Quad Bounce panner changing - YouTube

Export change quad Pans.zip (424.0 KB)
If you load this simple project and Export Multi “Quad Master” and “SYN GRP” Selected , you will see the pan changes after export .

Loading your project the behaviour is the same on my machine. Win10, Cubase Pro 12.0…60.

What surprises me, besides the panners getting altered, is that it happens not on all FX tracks. I don’t see the difference between those that are unaffected and those who are.


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so I not going mad & thx for looking ! I know its so add

btw do you Work in surround at al l ?

No, sorry. That’s why I won’t be much of a help here.

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You have been a great help loading the project thx