Exporting to Audio from Groove Agent

I have tried to make changes to an audio file then used the Audio mixdown fuction to save it as a new copy. Only the quality isn’t very good and it doesn’t sound anything like what I had in the project window after I had worked on it.

I moved the audio event and highlighted the section covering and selected export - Audio mixdown. Is this the right way to do things?

Can anyone help on this?

What kind of changes? You may just need to Bounce the tracks and not export them? What are the Export Window settings you’re using when exporting? A screenshot of that window would go a long ways.

Make sure your exporting as wave files and not a compressed file like an mp3 also make sure your sample rate and bit depth and everything else are all the same for your export. I’ve been messing around with exporting my superior drummer tracks and I haven’t had a problem.