exporting to DDP file

Do date, I have always submitted a physical master disc for replication. I decided to attempt submitting a DDP file this time.

Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I’m confused. Exporting DDP from Wavelab 8 did not create a file - it created several files, none of which has a .DDP extension. What file(s) do I need to upload to the manufacturer?


This is normal. All the files have to be transmitted (you could zip them). The names are standardized names.

It’s sometimes referred to as a DDP file set which makes more sense to me. It’s really a set of files to make the DDP image. Just zip the entire folder that Wavelab creates (you choose the name and location in Wavelab before it creates the folder where the files are made), and upload to where it needs to go for replication.

When creating a DDP master/file set, I usually name the main folder something like:


Then I zip the folder once the DDP render is complete.

This makes it clear to everybody involved that the zipped file is a DDP file set.

Thank you!