Exporting to MP3 Question

When I render and export a file in a MP3 format , I get the message that I only have 19 more MP3 exports available. Is it true that you only have a limited amount of MP3 exports with this products or am I missing something….Thanks for your help


In WaveLab Elements, yes. But if you have the Lame encoder on your system (not done by WaveLab, for licensing reasons), then this encoder can be used.
Or you can buy the Fraunhofer encoder, as mentionned in the message you get.

Thank you very much for responding and answering my question in a fast manner. Really appreciative. I wish I have known that prior to buying the product, however buyer be aware. Anyway, I think I will just download a free lame encoder and use that. Again, Thanks for the help…Good day :neutral_face:

Many consider Lame better anyway, so don’t feel too hard done by.