Exporting to xml from Sibelius

Anyone mange to export a batch (folder) of scores from Sibelius to xml? Which plugin works? I’m trying to use the “Export Folder of Scores in Multiple Formats” plugin, but it’s not working for me. It exports 1 file and then stops and gives me a weird menu I don’t understand.

I can’t seem to install the dolet plugin because I don’t know where to put it for Sibelius 2020. Anyone know where the plugin folder is for Sibelius 2020?

Can’t seem to find any help on the web either.


me too, i cannot make ir works … but i guess this is not a proper forum to ask, since it is more on Sibelius’s problem.
Btw i have to admit that Dorico’s capability of importing XML is very superior

You have to go to Ribbon - Start - Plug Ins and there is a plug in to export a folder of Scores as xml - works for me on the newest Sibelius 2020.9

Hey thanks for the tips. I managed to start the process of batch export with the sibeluis plugin, but something strange happens and I’m not sure why. I can’t find any articles on it or anything. Here are some screen shots. Might have to make a few posts to upload them.

ok here are the other screen shots. I had to make them smaller files. I’ll try the sibelius forums as well if I can access them. I don’t have an active license rt. now. I guess worst case is i will export my files them individually :frowning: I’ll just do 15 or so at a time I guess.

also im on 2020.6 - maybe i need to update. Will try that.

Seems I need to buy a month license to upgrade ? :frowning:

ok i got the monthly license and upgraded to 2020.9, but i still have the same issue. this is frustrating.

You use the wrong plugin for xml. I have made 2 screenshots and showed the way you shall follow to get the xml files. When you click process folder, you simply enter the way to the folder where your Sibelius files are and then klick ok, and the batch processing starts directly. The xml files are placed in the same folder as the sibelius files

Wish I’d noticed that Sibelius batch export of xml. I did 1,009 one by one.
But the TV is pretty bad during lockdown so it gave me a way to pass the time!

thanks i will try that other plugin. :+1::+1:

Check out this helpful article on Scoring Notes on this very subject:

Converting folders of Sibelius scores to different formats

thanks Daniel - that’s a helpful article on this topic.

and thanks Leo_MZ - that other plugin is working well. Just did a test run and it did a bunch of scores pretty quickly. It seems to dump all the files from folders and sub folders into the same spot, so I’ll have to do the sub folders seperately, but it’s a pretty good solution. I’d still like to try dolet, as I’ve read that it works a bit better, but can’t seem to install it in sib 2020.9.

ok making progress! going folder by folder and doing one pdf and one xml for each score :slight_smile:

There is a little voice in the back of my mind wondering about versions…Wasn’t that a thing in Sib at one point? You could save different versions instead of saving a new file and renaming it? I remember something like that years ago. I don’t think i used it that much, but I’m wondering how it will export where there is a score with multiple versions…

I have current licenses for Finale, Dorico, Overture, Notion and even MuseScore & Encore (for what that’s worth anymore). What I use depends on the project, workflow and client. Sibelius… I always felt that life’s too short.

I’m not sure if I’m on right forum subject but I want to take my recordings here on music studio and present them to the world
Or put them somewhere for people to enjoy them. Can anyone give me advice or suggestions on this please. Any help will be appreciated thanks