Exporting track folder and its content for importing in another sessions?

Hi everyone, i would like to export several combinations of Folder tracks and its content
Lets say i want a folder, with a group and two stereo tracks inside. this is my starting point for many recording sessions so instead of creating those every time would be faster if i could :

-Load a track preset ( not possible)
-Export track archive and import again (folders dont bring their content)

The only solution i find for now is creating a sessions template with multiple folders and their content, and using the File - “import tracks from project”.

Is there a better solution ?


Hi Pedro
Try expanding the folder and selecting all of its content tracks, along with the folder, before you export as a track archive.

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Either that or you include everything you need in one master template and always start from that template. You can deactivate things that take longer to load and also make things you use less often invisible… maybe…

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This workd perfectly, thanks!

This method is good also, both do a great workaround. Thanks for fast replies :smiley:

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I’ll just add: One doesn’t exclude the other.

I do post for a living and I start with a template that has pretty much everything I need. If I’m working on a show though I might mix the “Show Open” in the project for Episode #1, and once that’s all been approved I’ll move all of the tracks that are needed for the open into a separate folder in that project and for the later episodes I’ll import that folder with tracks. So for all of the rest episodes it’s both starting from a template plus importing that open specific to the series.

Anyway, all good stuff… so many options

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One advantage of using Import From Project over Track Archives is that the Imported Tracks will retain their Audio Routing if the Audio destinations in new & old Projects match - at least for the Imported Tracks.

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True, and thanks reminding of that.
For my case is not important.
This is for fast workflow while recording in studio. I tend to record acoustic instruments with multiple microphones and do doubles of the same instrument. Creating all the tracks needed everytime is very time consuming for me and for the musician in the recording room waiting for me typing fast labeling tracks and etc on their phones, eheheh! I know i could just duplicate and delete all takes / versions / lanes - but gets messy label wise and grouping wise , i like to have all mics on their own bus…
I will try this method, using the tracks archieve, to see if it works for me.
Thanks for all tips, much appreciated .

So much of this is personal preference regarding workflow. But I’d approach that problem by creating a Template that has all the Tracks you anticipate you might need for a session. Start with the just basic Tracks Visible and then more specialized Tracks can be quickly ‘added’ from the Visibility Tab. You could even use the PLE & Macros to automate different configuration setups. For example a PLE Preset that makes visible all the Tracks you’d need to record 3 individual singers, or a 2 mic setup for acoustic guitar.

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