Exporting Tracks in a Batch

Please help me, I have Cubase 10 Pro, and I am currently using it for a narration project and I have 17 tracks of different lengths. Is there a way to batch export them all at once so that each track is independent in its own duration? ex. track 1 is 10min, track 2 is 5min track, 3 is 1hr. etc…?


Not by using Export Audio Mixdown. But you can use Render in Place (where you are a bit limited format-wise) and then just copy the created files out of the folder.

Thanks for the suggestion, I am unclear how that is done? I do know how to “render in place” but from there how would I share the file/individually, wouldnt I still have to “export the file” in order to do so?


When you use Render in Place, the rendered audio files will be stored in your project/audio folder so you can find the files there and copy them out of that folder.

As alternative to render in place you can use key the command audio - bounce selection, which I have set to a key combination. (this method bypasses mixer and inserts)
If I was doing this I would use two key commands 1st loop selection, then bounce selection, then rename if necessary.


You can right-click to the audio file in the Pool and choose Reveal in Finder (or Show in File Explorer) to get to the file directly.

Sorry, no. Batch export requires they all be the same length. It’s intended for exporting stems.

The best you can do is move to next track, solo the track, select the event on the track, “p” to do a “locators to selection”, export using the channel name. You can put this in a macro to automate it.

You can use a combination of cycle markers and batch export to do this.

Alternatively, you can bounce the files and find them in the pool… OR… bounce events and use ‘Export Selected Tracks’