Exporting tracks issue

So we made a massive project using cubase 8. Many vocalists, guitarists etc. (think we are the world) for a local non profit to raise awareness.

Problem was the, using a very up to date computer and a really nice interface, the software kept locking up. Ugh. So we had to open different versions of it making smaller projects as it seemed to get overwhelmed really quick.

Then we recorded midi drums and midi keys and SURPRISE the takes went over top of each other. Yikes! Gotta be kidding. We’re going to attempt to re-create that or record it, doesn’t seem to be any way out of that. Why in the world does it do that?

We have a freaking mess.

I am a longtime cakewalk pro audio and then sonar user who now uses logic. So it’s not my first software rodeo. But I haven’t found that cubase and I have made friends very well.

With that said, here is my main question that I need help with.

How do we export single or multiple tracks so that they include any lead time before that recording? We need that so that when we import it into another software (logic which I know and can finish this project - or at least the multiple cubase files all into one) and that they will all lineup.

For instance, a drums track on track 1 starts on bar 4. The guitar kicks in on bar 3. The bass on 4, the keys jump on bar 6 and a solo at bar 26 for instance.

When we export all tracks or single they’re not including lead time and therefore not lining up.

We have like 70 some tracks so it’s not as easy as just moving a couple tracks.

Thanks for your time on this question. I appreciate it.

Hi and welcome,

You can export OMF, which includes all of the information.