Exporting "tracks" vs. "CD tracks"

Just wanted to share one of those novice mistakes I seem to keep making in the hopes that it might help someone else avoid the same fate. :man_facepalming:

When exporting a multichannel montage containing CD tracks, several times I chose to export “all tracks” and wondered why it resulted in one long audio file containing the complete CD. Well, WaveLab did its job correctly and exported all montage tracks. Turns out to export CD tracks, you need to select “CD tracks.” Go figure.

Anyway, hope my light bulb moment helps someone out there.

And to be more clear, WaveLab calls it rendering…not “export”.

I’ve also seen people render “Selected Clips” and not realize that this won’t include any spacing between the clip boundaries and CD Track Markers, or space between the clips themselves which means the flow between the songs will not be the same as what they hear in WaveLab.

I’ve also seen people using separate CD Track End and Start Markers, leaving a gap between them and not using the correct settings to include the space between those markers so again, the flow between the songs will not be the same as what they hear in WaveLab.

Using CD Track Splice Markers and rendering All Marked Regions/CD Tracks is the way to go.

WaveLab is a very literal and analytical program which I actually like. It doesn’t hold your hand or do you any favors, even down to dithering. Aside from telling it to render a 16 or 24-bit file, you also need to insert a dither plugin or use dither within your final limiter as well and set it to the correct bit-depth.