Exporting Using Flow Name Give Me "Multiple Flows" Instead of Flow Name

I’m trying to export 32 pages of various pieces, and I want each file name to have the flow name in it, so the file name recipe I’m using is $p - $w. Instead of getting “[page#] - [flow name]” for each file name, I get “[page#] - multiple flows” for each file name. However, if I do them one at a time, I get “[page#] - [flow name].”

Hmmm I don’t know if it will make a difference but have you used this dialog when printing?

Hi @gplumblee in addition to the suggestion of @DanielMuzMurray , remember to check the option Separate file for each flow

And very important: if you have the option in the Layout options set to Allow (new flow) on existing page active, the export process will ask you if you want overwrite or create new files: click on create new! so that Dorico creates 1 file containing the entire flow and the beginning of the subsequent partial flow that exist on that page, and 1 file containing the partial ending of the previous flow existing on that page and the complete subsequent flow. (if you try it it is very simple to understand)

I do have “Separate File for Each Flow” checked and all flows are selected. I also have more than one flow per page (sometimes there are two). What I’m noticing is even when I select only one flow to export, if there are two flows on that page, both show up in the SVG file.

I can go back to importing a multipage PDF into InDesign, but cropping to media still leaves a lot of blank space around the music. I’m trying to figure out the best way for this, because I’m handing the layout off to an in-house production person, and they want each piece as a separate import and all text (titles, etc.) in InDesign.

I think Dorico correctly preserves the layout in the export, so that if one page contains more than one flow, it will remain so in the export (i hope I interpreted correctly what you said). Maybe in your case you have to opt for not allowing multiple flows in the same page (but this means you have to adapt your layouts to this change, with brakes, manual note and staff spacing and other things that you eventually personalized manually in the layout…)

I will try that. Putting the correct number of flows on each page give the correct vertical spacing, so I’ll see if this creates more work. Thanks for the suggestions!

This last suggestion will work, I think. But I will still have to export each page one at a time in order to get the flow name to be used for the file name. It’s strange because each flow has a different name, and $w is the only parameter I’m using for naming the files.

I tried and I was able to export 20 flows each with the name of the project followed by the name of the flow, every one correctly named. If you would like to share the project (also privately) I can take a look of what is happening (with a description of what you exactly do to export the files so we can find the culprit :slight_smile: )

WP473 Technic Classics 3.dorico (1.9 MB)

Thank you Christian! I uploaded the file, along with a screen shot of the print dialog and of the files that are generated. This is what I get if I select all flows and export, and I want the file names to be the name of each corresponding flow. :slight_smile:

Greg, the new features we’ve added for exporting each flow into a separate file applies only to PDF files, not to SVG or other formats. I would in any case recommend using PDF rather than SVG if you’re exporting for import into another page layout application, as PDF will correctly embed all the required fonts, while SVG does not.


Thanks Daniel. I agree, and I generally do like importing PDFs into InDesign for that very reason. Is there a way to have Dorico crop closer to the music? I’m getting a lot of white space around each import, even though I’m importing just the bounding box. When I have more than one import on a page, it can get messy. It’s not a huge issue, but I’m trying to figure out the best approach when working with other layout artists. Thanks!

Maybe Graphic Slices is what you actually want?

You could try to set the margins to zero, that would probably render PDFs with less whitespace.

Thank you for the responses. I will try these suggestions. I have to take a look at graphic slices. I could also create a PDF of each flow, then use Illustrator to batch process them to fit the art board to the music. But if graphic slices works, it would be better to not have an extra step. I think margins would be tricky, since there are various vertical heights to the music examples.

Again, thank you so much. I love Dorico; I’m just figuring out some particulars for my work flow.

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I still find little things that improve mine from time to time. My last one was Minimum Gaps. I’d never really used this much and it helped a lot. And also Voice colours.

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These are essential tools, I’m glad that you found out!