Exporting Video and Audio Track

Hope I word this correctly. I imported a video from My Zoom Q3HD to do some editing and run a UAD Limiter to bring up volume. I want to export the processed track including audio and Video together (as MP4 or AVI) is there a way to do this. Thanks!

Never tried this, but I believe you can’t. The idea is that you either export as audio and use some video editing software to add in your new audio track, or you can use Cubase’s ‘replace audio’ function, where you can point it to an existing videofile and it will export your project audio into that video file. No idea how it works, but that’s what I’ve gathered from being around here for a while now :wink:

Hopefully CUBASE 7 will allow us to export both Audio and Video as a .mov or mp4, file with one mouse click in the export options window !

Hope 7 accomplishes that also. The replace audio function does seem to work okay though. Thanks for pointing that out for me!!!

Nope - you can not export vid in Cubase.

The replace audio function works fine, if you have the proper codec.


so, if - as it seems - cubase does not allow export of video, and doesn’t have the function whereby one can mix down audio tracks with a video track - something i have discovered to my chagrin after working for sometime on just such a project - why in blazes does it have video edit functions -ie the kind which have allowed me to make a video track using many cuts from many video files, alows me to align them up with particular events in my audio tracks, allow me to view the complete video in the cubase devices video player but then won’t let me export or do anything with it?

and i’m talking cubase 7.5 here

Because Cubase is not a video app. It doesn’t really have video edit functions - just functions that allow you to slice and move - the same way you would an audio or MIDI event.

Because Cubase is not a video app. It doesn’t really have video edit functions - just functions that allow you to slice and move - the same way you would an audio or MIDI event.

thanks for the response…and i understand that cubase is not a video app. I’ve been using it for years for audio and never gave video a thought until last week when i thought i’d give it a go seeing as there is a video track available. Now I find after many hours work I can’t export what i’ve done so even though i appreciate your response, if it is not possible to export video in cubase, why bother having edit functions for a video track as simple as they might be (i did a 2 minute clip made up from footage from around 30 separate video files that involved a lot of cutting and placing at appropriate places on the audio tracks so if that’s not editing i don’t know what is) - in fact why even bother having a video track at all if you can’t export it? if you can’t export video what possible function would a video track have?

For scoring to picture, the video track is invaluable. That is it’s primary purpose. I agree with you about the edit functions, though. Maybe you could export the whole thing as an .omf file and import it into a video editor. The .omf may save your video edit information.

now i can kind of see that the video track thing in cubase is just what is needed for certain situations. thanks jtay

Export video is invaluable.
It doesn’t have to be complicated: just export the video in the same format etc that it was imported.
And it doesn’t have to mix it with the audio; this can still be done afterwards in a video editing program.
I know cubase is not a video editing program, but this is essential!

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