Exporting video Cubase 9 (sound quality)

Hey guys,

I finished a video/audio recording and want to export both together. Cubase doesn’t allow to export video, so I want to use a secondary program like Windows Moviemaker. Will Moviemaker keep the sound quality the same, or am I better of using another program?



You can use other software for video. Then you can replace the sound track of the video file from Cubase project. In File menu, there is Replace Audio in Video.

Yeah I was aware of this. What I want to know is which software I can use for this without losing sound quality. Will Moviemaker do or am I better off using another piece of software, if so which?


You don’t need other software when Cubase can do it for you.

In general, you can use any video editing software. At the end it depends on the used codec. If you will use uncompressed WAV in any video editor, you will get the same (uncompressed) audio quality as the source is.

I see I misread the “replace audio in video” bit haha, thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Is that function also available in Cubase Elements?

This function is not available in Cubase (in general) anymore.

Also note the availability of this nicely polished video conversion and muxing utility written by a Nuendo user : https://audiospot.audio/audiospot-creativetools