Exporting video

Just checking: there is no way to export video+audio at present, is there?

Not without using a third party app.

I’ve just set about exporting via MIDI to Cubase. Is that what you mean, or is there something more specialized?

Sorry, I think I misunderstood the question. I thought you wanted to export a movie showing the score and the music playing, a moving audio screenshot.
In any case, Dorico does export audio, but not video. It can only attach a video to a score (that’s a kind of import action).

Yes. I’ve got so used to doing all audio work in Dorico & Vienna Ensemble that I’ve not exported anything to Cubase for a while now.

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There are lots of small tools that will take the original video and the audio you export from Dorico and put them together for you. They usually have lots of options regarding the video format. VLC is one free example, not to pick favorites. I have a script that does it, plus some other workflow type things, so lots of options.

I see what you mean. I have Vegas Movie Studio, and could do it that way. Probably would for a more complex project, but in the event I just used Cubase.