Exporting VST automation

Hi guys,
I’m doing some VST automation on Enttec’s DMXIS VST plugin. I’m assigning a VST automation lane to each of DMXIS’ faders. The automation is controlling the faders as it should, but how do I export that automation to a file so I can drag & drop it into a different project at another time? Every time I try to export, that part keeps being left out. I can export midi CC data, but not VST automation data.

In Ableton, that info gets automatically saved with the midi clip & you can drag the midi clip where you want, including into a folder of your choosing that you can store the files in for later use in other projects. I’ve had a long hard look in Cubase, but it appears you can’t export VST automation. Surely you can? That would be ludicrous if they’ve left that vital part out.


Are you talking about the track automation (in the Project window), right?

Then you can save the project. Then you can import from project to the new one. As a destination select a new track. Then copy + paste the automation data from the imported track to the wanted one and delete the imported track.

Wow, is that the only way?? I have 9 DMXIS plugins, each one assigned to a lighting fixture group. In total I will have 394 lanes of automation, as that’s how many DMX channels I have. Are you saying the only thing I’m able to do is import those 9 extra tracks for every new song in my live set (which is generally around 30 songs!), copy 394 lanes of automation onto the existing 9 tracks each time, then delete the imported 9 tracks??? That can’t be how Steinberg have designed their software, surely?

Forgive me for saying, but that’s about as complicated as anyone would want to make such a simple procedure. Why can’t users just export track automation as part of the midi track??? The automation is ON the midi track & therefore part of it!!! All Steinberg have to do is add a ‘choices’ menu to the export midi data function & users can specify what data they want to export… midi notes, CC#, track automation etc. It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Ableton just saves the data as part of the midi clip. That’s it. Done.

Is there any way this functionality could be added soon in a new Cubase update please? Remember, Cubase is also the software a lot of people, including myself, use for live shows. To be able to save ALL required data quickly & easily for use in other projects is vital.

You’ve just created a mountain of hard work for me.