Exporting while in full screen, minimises Window

I like to work in full screen in Dorico, but when exporting a PDF, Dorico minimises. Is this intended? It would be nice to keep Dorico open.

Can you be a bit more specific about precisely what you’re doing, Andre? Are you talking about going to Print mode and choosing to export to PDF using the options on the right-hand side, or using a custom key command to export the current layout to PDF, or something else?

While in print mode and full screen, I press the pdf export button in the right panel. Doing this minimizes Dorico. At first I though it was crashing, but that wasn’t the case. I’m working with 3 monitors and Dorico is displayed on one of the extra monitors, so not the main display.

Right, I see what’s happening: because the project window is running full screen, the progress dialog that appears when the export is carried out is also opened full screen, and that therefore opens on a new Space. When that window closes and the Space is no longer needed, macOS returns you to the main Space rather than to the Space where the Dorico project window is still open in full screen mode. So try swiping left or right to switch back to the Space where the Dorico project window remains.

Ok, I will do that. Thanks Daniel.