Exporting with Arranger Track enabled broken?

Thought it was a fluke but I can’t export with the Arranger active. Is this a known issue…?

I can flatten it but it’s a PITA.

Is the projectaudio on the OSX systemdisk?
If yes… move the project to other HD.
A little more info in your signature could help :slight_smile:

Project is on an internal SATA2 RAID0 striped array, separate drive for OS, and exporting is to an external FW800 RAID0 array. Trust me when I say it’s not an actual overload :slight_smile:

I realised what is happening though - the arranger will stop playback when it reaches the end of the arrangement, however if the right locator is set to a point at or past this, then the arranger will stop the export short, but Cubase will wrongly report it as a disk overload.

Technically this is a bug - a minor one, but still a bug. Cubase should either not permit export under these conditions, or should simply gracefully stop the export at the end of the arranger chain, ignoring the right locator.