Exporting with Arranger Track

I’m probably doing things the wrong way, but if you have a song where various sections repeat or play in a different order, the arranger track handles all of this great. However, the problem I then have is mixdown when working out where to place the left & right locators in order for the export audio routine to extract the correct length of song?

Is there an easy way of doing this?

Thankfully I tend to set the left and right locators far enough apart to capture the full length of the song and tend to set this too long and when exporting, it simply repeats the arranger track again from the start. This is annoying as I then have to reimport the wav back in to edit/chop the unwanted bits off.

Can I suggest a setting made to the export routine that would switch to then follow the arranger track settings rather than use the left and right locators - or am I already making the wrong action? Any advice appreciated - thanks.

Hi John,

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  • this would be a very big improvement!!!

This is a big wish of me, since a long time.
And of course, this would be a great advantage over other daws…

I think in C6 there´s no way. Sorry.


I just encountered this stupid behaviour too.
Steinberg, any comment please?

Maybe I’m missing something, but you know you could flatten the arranger chain before exporting the mixdown, don’t you?

oh, it´s another “special” way to bounce audio in a daw:
Bounce to -> Arranger Parts (!)
this means that every arranger part becomes an separate audio file.

Like “Bounce to Marker” (see Nuendo) e.g.

Yes but I take it just as a workaround - the Export of Arranger track should be logical which at this moment is not.

A workaround?
…around which problem? (Edit:That the OP didn’t flatten the arranger track in the first place? :smiley:)

As I already wrote - around non-logical Export if Arranger is active.