Exporting with video

Hi everyone, I’m working on a short film soundtracks.
Is it possible to export the video along with audio in cubase 7 ? I have no idea how to export audio with the video I’m working with. (Which in case there is only option for audio exporting in the ‘export’ menu !)

Cubase doesn’ t do video export.

Hi ParkerTee,

unfortunately you can’t export a video from Cubase, but you could use the option “Replace Audio in Video File”.
Make sure you save an original copy of the video just in case.


“Replace Audio With Video” works like a charm. Just finished doing a sountrack last month and I used this feature extensively so we could view on multiple sources throughout the mix process.

  1. Make a directory and place your original video file and the stereo WAV file you want to replace.
  2. Choose the option from the drop down menu “Replace Audio With Video”
  3. Cubase will prompt you to choose the video file.
  4. Cubase will then prompt you to choose the audio file.
  5. Name the new video file that will have the new audio in it.

Cubase will then replace your new audio in the video. May take a while depending on your machine and length of video.

Thanks everyone, at least the audio can be replaced.

Hmmm , cubase should work on this , let us export a video with audio in quick time or avi format.

Why?.. You can do that already with the instructions described above. Even if the video has no audio, it will “replace” it with any audio you want. Would it be easier if you could export audio with video just like you export a mix? Yes… but the end result is the same! Steinberg should concentrate on fixing what’s still not working correctly first before adding anymore bells and whistles to this software.

I agree! It’s a really good feature.

It’s a really quick feature that works like a charm…

Instead I’d rather have Steinberg work on some video editing features.

Yes we need to export clips! Qith Nuendo being a post production tool it is surprising this feature is not in the program. I for years have to use another program to make Quicktime clips of scenes I am working on for producers to preview.

I use Corel’s VideoStudio Pro (VSP) for our YouTube videos, and import a 48ksps 16bit wave file I exported from Cubase.

I usually finish the video AFTER I have the final audio version, and I need to be able to move it around depending upon what I do with the other video elements. Also, the files (.m2ts) from the Panasonic video-cam are not compatible with Cubase, but can be directly imported into VSP, so if doing it the other way around (manipulate the video’s audio), I would have to have to externally convert them to mp4s anyway. I keep the video project file in the song’s root folder along with the .cpr file, and have a Video sibling to the Audio folder for the cam source files and .mp4 output.

There are several other cheap video suites also capable of up to 4K. We do ours at Full HD, but as we are getting a couple of Samsung Note 3s, we might do a 4K video just for the novelty!

What I did notice is that videoing at 50 frames and rendering the final video at 25 frames produced less visual artefacts (like Moire fringes on the mic grilles) than recording at 25 frames. Your setup may not do the same.