What im trying to do is export all recordings that are on the lanes. client wanted to take the guitar solo recordings to take back with him a comp them to one file and bring back to me to implement into the song.
what is the exporting procedure to do this to all recordings in the lane.


I think you may be in for some manual labor. Unless you recorded bwav.

Open t he pool and make sure that every take you need to give him is a broadcast wave.
Then update the timecode on each take (away from DAW so cannot remember exact command).
That ought to allow you to simply copy these takes to a DVD-RW (or a CD-RW/data stick) and he should be able to insert them with no trouble (assuming his DAW can import a file at it’s timestamped origin).
Ask him to make sure you get a B-WAV back.

yeah manual labor is (for now!!!) the option.