i am trying to export a midi drum track made with GAONE to a new project. can any one help.

How about explaining what the actual problem doing so is?

i have an old song recorded and just to much crap going on. just thougt i would start a new project of the same same song and wanted to keep the midi drums i had instead of reduing the whole drum track. i made a new project, and im tring to export the midi drums. they are on GAONE vst instrement. do i have to mix down that track or can i get the same midi track in the new project. hope that kinda explanes it. thanks for the help.

Well, either:
File->Export MIDI track (OR track archive). Then in the new project import
Or, simply delete everything in your old project, apart from the MIDI track, and use “backup project”

Not to sound too much like yer mom III but whatever happened to thinking?