I’m fairly new to this so I may sound like a doughnut!

I’ve made a tune & thought I exported it but i can’t find it? I went through instructions for export & was told it’s an mp3 but where is it, I’ve searched everywhere on my computer but can’t find it.

I’ve tried to undo the export but appears once it’s done I can’t reverse it. My end result is to download the tune onto a web site, please can someone advise. Using Cubase elements 7 - thanks

When you export a file (file > export > audio mixdown) you’re given the option to change the file location. Click on “path” and select where you want your exported file to be. That can also be the desktop.

Did you, by chance, have the “Use Project Audio Folder” choice selected? You could export again, paying attention to the location this time :wink: .

Thanks both of you, at work at the moment but will try these things when i have time!

You would do well to heed the following.

  1. Set Cubase to ask which folder to save to.

  2. Save everything to do with your project, and I mean everything, in that folder

  3. When you start a new project, create a folder for it and name it accordingly. ie give it the same name as the song.

If you don’t do this you will end up with different files from various projects all over the shop and you may have no idea where what file is and what project it belongs to. In short, nightmare…

So, all Cubase files, presets, samples, takes, masters… anything at all to do with that project in one folder. Trust me, you won’t regret it.