Exports and archives and Imports, oh my!, or XML Hell

On page 1040 of my PDF Version of the Operation manual – an appropriate page since I’m finding this all a bit taxing – it states:

Exporting and importing track archives (Cubase Pro only)
You can export Cubasetracks (audio, FX, group, instrument, MIDI, and video) as track
archives for import into other Cubase(or Nuendo)projects. All the information associated
with the tracks will be exported (channel settings, automation tracks, parts and events,

Well, not exactly “all” as far as I can tell. Over the last weekend I’ve looked at the methods for importing tracks from existing projects into new projects and I find there are some issues; and, all in all, the results are a bit disappointing. I’m willing to accept the program’s limitations, but the documentation and promotions about this feature set, and even some “tutorial” videos about use of Archive tracks, seem to give an overly rosy picture of how the Archive and Import functions actually do and do not work.

I love Templates and those are how I begin most projects, however, of late, I’ve been wanting to take “Verse A” from “Project A” and “Chorus A” from “Project B” and combine in my magic cauldron into a new project. This is where I’d hoped the Track Archive and Import features would help.

What I’m finding is that tracks imported from an Archive XML file omit a great deal of the information I thought, based on promos the documentation and even some “tutorial” videos suggest. For example, I’m noticing a particular Issue where Groove Agent SE is not being imported as an Instrument, and its assigned Audio outputs are not either; no VST Instrument audio outs are Imported/created, even if they were in the original. This has been all rather confusing and challenging. Two screen shots to illustrate.

A “standard” (even simplified) Drum Kit, Midi tracks and individual audio outs for the pads, all sent to a one Group Track and with a send on the Group to an single FX Track. This is what was Exported.

Next, for simplicity, I created an Empty Project and Imported Tracks from the Track Archive XML file created using the above Drum Kit project. Screen shot shows that none of the VST Audio Outs are present and only the MIDI Tracks of the Drum Kit are being imported. The GA Instrument and its detailed routing are lost. The created empty project also has problems as well. The Left and Right locators would not function, the cursor would not move – the house began to twitch.

Anyway – I’m feeling kind of disappointed in how this part of the program apparently works. I expected better peroformance. Although this is still a new area of the program for me, I’m pretty sure I’m doing things correctly.

Any help on this? The task is simple in theory. Take Part of one Project and put it into another new or existing project. I have no problems moving midi files or audio files around, but when you want to bring in your whole VST-i sound – instrument, patch, routing, FX, what then? Is there a yellow brick road for this? I certainly know I’m not in Kansas anymore. :confused:

thanks :slight_smile:

A++ for pun!

Thanks. :slight_smile: I didn’t want this to sound like a “slam Cubase” thread so had some fun with it. These are my first tries with XML Export/Import and there’s bound to learning curve issues mixed with possible flaws in the program. Take care for now.

Unfortunately Cubase’s Track Archive functionality is severely lacking and needs an overhaul. What a shame since Cubase is fantastic software in so many other ways. I don’t want to go into scientist mode and have to re-do the inputs/routing every time I’m trying to pursue an inspiring idea. The whole point of a preset is for you to not have to do that work again. Please fix this Steinberg.