Exports crack and pop

I updated to .4 yesterday and now all of my exports crack and popple. I have dumped prefrences and that did not fix the situaotion. Any help? If not, tell me how to go back top .3 please.


what are your system specs and what kind of audio hardware do you use ?



2.5 ghz quad core 8 gigs of ram win 7 and i have desktop konnekt 6 and had no probs with any of the updates until this .4.

anyway I can get the .3 update and I will just go back. 64 bit

Is there anyone with .3 I have to have tracks out today.

If you are on Windows, go into the Control Panel -> Uninstall Programs and select “Show Updates”. You should be able to find the 6.0.4 Update in the list and select “Uninstall” and it will revert back to your last version.
Or, check here…

ty jaslan, I am exporting nnow too see if the cracks go away.

The roll back did work for me so ty!


If yoou need any more info so I can eventually update, just let me know.

Thanks agian for your speedy help.

I am having extreme issues between my soundcard and cubase now. i have not had any probs in 7 months and I dont understand what is happening. if i use my device driver from my konnekt 6 its barely is audible, I have to use generic to hear music. I have re installed cubase and my soundcard with no fix.