Expression (CC 11) curve not updating after updating dynamic markings

When I update the dynamic marking at the end of a crescendo, the expression (CC 11) curve won’t update until I exit Dorico completely and reopen the project. I started with ‘f’ at the end of the crescendo and hovered over the peak of the curve at 93 (out of 127?). Then I changed to ‘mf’ and no change in the curve until I restarted; then the value changed to 82.

Is there a command I can use to force the expression curve to recalculate without having to quit and restart Dorico?

In my experience, the dynamics have to be deleted and recreated in the current version in order to force the CCs to be updated. (annoys me too)

Please tell me you’re kidding?

Are there any plans to add a shortcut key combination?

Seriously - only if you delete and reinsert a dynamic will the CC line be redrawn. However, the dynamics actually played are always updated during editing, just not the drawn line.

I guess I just like a visual confirmation. Not a big deal. But it seems like it would be something easy to implement.

Just to confirm that we are aware of this problem and we expect it to be fixed in the next update, when it arrives.


Great! Thanks Daniel!